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no dependencies!

Repo (git)

ROS Wiki

SBPL MoveIt! Plugin

Generic Plugin for MoveIt!

SBPL Geometry Utilities (git)

Leatherman Utilities (git)

SBPL Manipulation Package (git)

Core Repository (git)

PR2 Configuration Repository (git)

3D Navigation with Full Body Collision Checking

global planner for move_base,

PR2 Only


ROS Electric (git)

ROS Wiki

3D Navigation

(“Lattice Planner”)

global planner for move_base

ROS Diamondback, Electric (hg)

ROS Fuerte, Groovy (hg)

ROS Hydro (Github fork 1) (git)

ROS Hydro (Github fork 2) (git)

ROS Wiki

RSS 2008

Single Arm Planning

can be used with arm_navigation stack (move_arm),

PR2 Only 

Any Robot (experimental, Groovy only)



ROS Wiki

ICRA 2010

ICRA 2011

Dual Arm Planning

PR2 Only

ROS Diamondback (svn)

ICRA 2012

Navigation in Dynamic Environment


ROS Diamondback (svn)

ROS Wiki

ICRA 2011

AAAI 2011

Cart Planning   svn ROS WIKI
Door Planning   svn  
Experience Graphs E-Graphs are built from experience (previously planned paths or user demonstrations). The planner is able to reuse parts of these prior paths to plan faster. 

E-Graphs git (branch v3)

PR2 fully body planning integration git (branch v3)

Arm and navigation integration git (branch v3)

E-Graph documentation

Full body planning documentation

Arm and navigation documentation

RSS 2012

ICRA 2013

PERCH 2.0 PERCH 2.0 is a GPU based deliberative perception via search methodology for fast and high quality object pose estimation

PERCH 2.0 Docker setup git


PECOR PECOR is a GPU based deliberative perception algorithm for 3-DoF object pose estimation from RGB color images

PECOR code git









PR2 Visualization Library - With one function call, you can visualize the PR2 in RViz with any joint configuration. The original meshes are drawn in as visualization markers.

Note: Currently, the robot is drawn without a head :)

ROS Electric (svn)

ROS Fuerte (git)

none...but it's pretty simple to use