Project samples from previous classes:

Projects 1&2 F2011 Video

Project 3 F2011 Video

Project 4 F2011 Video

Final Projects F2011 Video

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GHC 4211

Assignments, effort allocation, and grading

The criteria used to compute the final grade will consist of a combination of scores obtained on the exam, programming projects and the final project:

Programming Projects (3) 42%
Exam 23%
Final Project 30%
Participation 5%

Official Late Policy

Each student has a total of 3 free late days that may be used as needed for programming projects. No late days may be used for the final project!

Additional details: A late day is defined as a 24-hour period after the deadline. After the 3 free late days are used up, each additional late day will incur a 10% penalty on the maximum achievable score. For example, if the assignment is worth 100 points, your maximum score will drop to 90 points for 1 additional late day, 80 points for 2 additional late days, etc.

IMPORTANT: The final project milestones cannot be turned in late as we will be having in-class demos and evaluations as well as a final demonstration on the scheduled day.