Project examples from Fall'11:

Projects 1&2 F2011 Video

Project 3 F2011 Video

Project 4 F2011 Video

Final Projects F2011 Video

Course Administration

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Porter Hall A18B

Computing Resources

Each student will be given an account and access to the Computer Graphics Cluster machines. Students are free to utilize alternative computers and platforms (i.e. Windows, Mac) for developing software for their projects. However, all lab assignments are expected to compile and run on the machines specified in the project handouts. This policy is intended to make support, testing, and evaluation easier by standardizing labs written using cross-platform code and tools.

Assignments, effort allocation, and grading

The criteria used to compute the final grade will consist of a combination of scores obtained on the midterm, programming projects and the final project:

Programming Projects (4) 48%
Midterm Exam 17%
Final Project 30%
Participation 5%

Official Late Policy

Each student has a total of 3 free late days that may be used as needed for programming projects. No late days may be used for the final project!

Additional details: A late day is defined as a 24-hour period after the deadline. After the 3 free late days are used up, each additional late day will incur a 10% penalty on the maximum achievable score. For example, if the assignment is worth 100 points, your maximum score will drop to 90 points for 1 additional late day, 80 points for 2 additional late days, etc.

IMPORTANT: The final project milestones cannot be turned in late as we will be having in-class demos and evaluations as well as a final demonstration on the scheduled day.